Sony Xperia Z

We teamed up with Sony to promote their new Xperia Z, with a special emphasis on its unique water-resistance and durability.

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Studio@Gawker curated a group of writers to pen humorous, yet informative, break-up letters to their smartphones that highlighted the favorable specs of the Xperia Z. At the end of each post we invited readers to join us on the Gawker HQ rooftop for a water-soaked party that only the Xperia Z could withstand. Readers had to simply tweet about the break-up letters to win a spot on the guest list.

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Sony Xperia Z

The Summer Soaker event transformed Gawker's rooftop into a water-fueled, color-filled battlefield complete with inflatable bunkers and balloon launchers. Party-goers were given the option to check their phones in a safe, plastic-covered corner to avoid normal smartphone death-by-water. The water-resistant Sony Xperia Z documented the wet and wild event with ease and was repeatedly dunked into a fish tank to show off how well it holds up against the typical phone-killer.