The Intel-Inspired Ultrabook Shooting Challenge aligned with Gizmodo’s popular editorial Shooting Challenge feature to bring the Ultrabook’s creative, unparalleled power to life. Studio@Gawker’s documentary team followed six professional photographers to diverse locales, each armed with an Intel-powered Ultrabook, as they answered Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenges. The resulting content series told the story of how each photographer used the Intel-powered Ultrabook to enhance their creative process to produce stunning photos.

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Video Series

Intel-Inspired Shooting Challenge Gallery


The end of each Shooting Challenge photo gallery featured a teaser photo of the Ultrabook in the next location. We encouraged readers to tweet their guesses for the mystery location along with a link to the post and #ultrabookspotted for a chance to win an Ultrabook. One of our winners showed off his drive to win with Tumblr post detailing his search for the next Shooting Challenge location.

Instaderby Instagram-Powered #mycity Challenge

The Shooting Challenge-inspired contest was integrated into the event through a partnership with Instaderby, an Instagram-powered photo challenge site. We asked followers of The Intel-Inspired Ultrabook Shooting Challenge and event attendees to Instagram photos of things that inspired them in their cities for one more chance to win an Ultrabook.