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The Jalopnik Film Festival was an editorial-run event presented by Gran Turismo 6 to coincide with the game’s November release. The two-day event and collection of stories around the event celebrated and explored the intersection of race culture and entertainment – a huge area of interest for Jalopnik readers and the core embodiment of the uber-realistic racing experience afforded by the game.

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Studio@Gawker produced and published stories on Jalopnik and Kotaku to appeal to the mix of auto and gaming enthusiasts, respectively. The content included an in-depth exploration of Gran Turismo’s 15 year history, a look at the Tamir Moscovici-created documentary featuring Gran Turismo producer Kaz Yamauchi, and a detailed overview of the newest Gran Turismo release. s

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Jalopnik hosted a contest asking readers to submit a drawing of their dream Gran Turismo 6 track for a chance to win one of the simulators from the event. The post announcing the contest garnered hundreds of submissions and sparked an immense amount of conversation with nearly 700 comments in the post. s