The Roadblock affords exclusive ownership of the highest impact placement on Gawker Media properties. A dominating daily presence, the Roadblock leverages our formidable brand halo to imbue your marketing message with priority and favorability. A full Roadblock is comprised of an Expandable 970x90 that expands upon user click to 970x415, a Splashbox on left side bar, and a Billboard to anchor your statement on our site.


EXPANDABLE 970x90 » 970x415

The Pushdown commands reader attention at the top of the homepage as they interact to expand this unit to its full 970x415 pixel frame. The Pushdown is equipped to house a variety of engaging content, whether produced by your brand’s creative team or our in-house creative shop. When closed by the reader, it collapses to 970x90 pixels.


The 300x250 pixel Splashbox is strategically fixed on the left sidebar nestled within content and maintains its position as readers scroll through the page for 100% viewability. Whether on the homepage or inside pages, the Splashbox provides incredibly organic reader interaction that only disappears when the Billboard slides into view.


The 970x250 canvas of this IAB Rising Star provides a widescreen lens for exhibiting a range of interactive content. The Billboard size mimics that of stories within the editorial flow to provide a more organic reader experience. For viewability fans, know that in-stream ad units only return a call when the user approaches the unit onscreen, so you can finally remove “below the fold” from your vocabulary.



Brand Examples
Advertiser: Jarritos