We've built open mobile websites, not closed mobile apps. This ensures that the 30% of our readership consuming Gawker Media content via mobile and tablet devices never have any issues. Put your brands directly into the hands of our cultured, tech savvy readers with with mobile or tablet placements.


The mobile package includes a 320x50 Runway unit to seamlessly integrate with the more compact user experience. Our creative shop can execute custom mobile branding or translate your existing imagery to be mobile-ready.

» 6.7 million unique visitors per month (Quantcast, March — April 2013, US only)
» 5:17 average time spent (Google Analytics, March — April 2013



Mobile Rich Media

Consuming content on smartphones is an inherently more interactive experience. We believe that brands should be taking advantage of this opportunity for richer engagement with their messaging.

Studio@Gawker strategically crafts Mobile Rich Media units using both existing and custom creative assets to entertain and informour readers – ultimately building a stronger relationship with your brand.

We can craft an interactive experience for your brand in one of three ways:

VIDEO: Feature video created by Studio@Gawker or provided by your brand.

PHOTO GALLERY: Curate a captivating gallery of visuals connected to your brand’s messaging.

CONTENT: Promote stories created by Studio@Gawker for your brand with more strategic targeting.

All mobile rich media expansion is initiated on click.


Immerse every pixel of content inside the bezel with your marketing message for a more interactive brand experience with an already engaged readership. Our tablet display offering mimics the browser experience with a Super Leaderboard, Billboard, and Splashbox in both the editorial flow as well as story pages.