Every brand has a story to tell. We lend our voice to your brand story to captivate Gawker Media readers. Each piece of content is inserted directly into the editorial flow of Gawker Media sites for easy discovery alongside the day’s most popular news and entertainment stories. Clicking through reveals a fully branded and sharable inside page that boasts the same content experience as our editorial stories to speak directly with our readers — a wide canvas for copy, imagery, video, and interactivity. Studio@Gawker handles branded content from ideation to execution for an entirely turnkey experience.

Partner Post

Your message, our signature tone.

At the atomic unit for all of our branded content offerings, the Partner Post can be published as a single event or as a recurring narrative.

Each piece of content is inserted directly into the editorial flow of Gawker Media sites for easy discovery, and with 30% of readers consuming content on their smartphones and tablets, we ensure the experience is seamless across all devices.Studio@Gawker works with brands to create compelling content with a point of view surrounding subject matters that our readers are passionate about — just like our editorial content. Think episodic fan fiction, photography contests, thoughtful trend pieces, informative DIY content, and more.



Brand Examples
Advertiser: Oreo
Concept: Reviving the popular blind item posts with an Oreo Wonderfilled twist.
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Advertiser: Nat Geo
Concept: The 80's
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Live Conversation

Authentic conversations, made to share.

Our editors and readers participate in the most honest dialogue on the web. Gawker Media’s proprietary discussion platform enables our marketing partners to lead their own authentic discussions with our most influential readers, all housed within a Partner Post. Studio@Gawker works with brands to give readers unparalleled access to engage with experts relevant to their interests, whether a product specialist for your brand or a notable industry figure – all in a controlled, persuasive, and real time environment.



Brand Examples
Advertiser: Virgin Mobile
Concept: Live chat with America's Next Top Model alumnus Whitney Thomson.
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Advertiser: State Farm
Concept: Live chat with Small Space expert Graham Hill. Experience the campaign